Our worldwide professional and specialist companies includes our own ALNOOR LOJISTIK GIDA INS MALZ MOBITHIHR. SAN. VETIC.LTD.STI which is specialize in trading Petroleum, Crude Oil, Diesel, CP10 & CP8, AU Metal,, Rice Sugar, Water Filtration, Making Road etc. Our professional and specialist Companies under our

Holdings are as follows

Companies registered in

 Germany which specialize in Consulting & Hotel Business, has Factory for making Machineries and Equipment for Hotels, Consulting & Hotel Business

 Turkey has a factory which specialize in New Technology for Villas, Houses, and Commercial Building

 Iran specializes in Import & Export Crude Oil & Petroleum and its Derivatives

 Syria specializes in Import & Export Foodstuffs, Electrical Goods & Business Development

 Sudan specializes in Buildings

 Italy specializes in manufacturing Factory, Stations & Electric Power Plant

 Moldavia specializes in Import and Export Foodstuffs, Building Tower & Houses

 Turkey has a factory for New Technology manufacturing material for building homes, hospital, school etc

 Turkey specializes in Import & Export Foodstuffs and Machinery

 Italy specializes in making Factory, Stations & Electric Power Plant

 Sweden specializes in Solar System, Generator and Electricity

 Germany specializes in green and renewal energy products to market Solar Energy system for Home Application and Street Light, by having own manufacturing facilities which is now expanded its manufacturing services and management of turn-key for industry supply and cover a wide range of products such as, PCB and electronic components sourcing and supply, production machine, tool, jig and fixture, led lighting, and solar energy system