We have formed professionals and specialties companies worldwide who have joined us under ALNOOR LOJISTIK GIDA INS MALZ MOBITHIHR. SAN. VETIC.LTD.STI with our dedicated aim to serve our customers to meet their expectations and satisfaction while providing high standard and quality products as WE BELIEVE IN INNOVATION & flexibility, quick & high result oriented work , Therefore, we have ALNOOR LOJISTIK GIDA INS MALZ MOBITHIHR. SAN. VETIC.LTD.STI, we trade Crude Oil and its Derivatives, Foodstuffs, AU metals, etc. While We Investment ALNOOR LOJISTIK GIDA INS MALZ MOBITHIHR. SAN VETIC.LTD.STI for Construction and Civil Engineering such as building Private Housing, Privat  Commercial Building, Building Service Project i.e., school, hospital etc. Main Road, Highways and Runways, extensions of Water, Electricity and Savage Lines building and processing Power Plant, Generator, Solar, building and Equipping laboratories of different specialities. Our Services also include Consultancy Services, Offshore Exploration Activities, Supporting Mining, Oil, and Gas Extraction